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Brittany Vega

Brittany Vega (b. 1990, Bradenton, Florida, she/her) is a multi-media artist working in New Orleans, Louisiana. Her work explores the political and cultural intersections of an American identity. Vega uses the symbolism and associations of charged political objects as a means to investigate the fusion of the self and the participation one plays in their own American-ness.

While Vega’s practice is often material based, her concurrent research and self-identified obsession with US politics led her to depart from her typical way of making. Horrible Moral Squint I and Horrible Moral Squint II employ the use of digitally printed flags, which Vega has custom made with the image of Donald Trump shaking hands with Kim Jong-un and French president Emmanuel Macron. It’s treatment alludes to the faithless, back-door dealings Trump is often known for, and questions the legitimacy of a handshake.

︎︎︎ American Hex exhibition

Horrible Moral Squint I, 2020, digital print on nylon, 21 x 28 inches 

Horrible Moral Squint II, 2020, digital print on nylon, 26.5 x 25 inches