Spring Cleaning Cluster Reviews

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Published April 04, 2019
by Jeff Jahn

One of the most promising young artists at work in Portland is Kayla Wiley, whose recent solo show Ego Placebo at Fuller Rosen was one of the most adventurous debuts we have seen in a while. She's already given a seminar on the importance of orgasms and Im a big fan of her crystallized baby clothes... presenting them equally as the prisons of parenthood and objects of adoration they signify. That's an incredibly loaded territory to make work and I like her ambition. Her video and performances of crushing things between her thighs are just another example of her take no prisoners approach. In fact, all of her work deals with the body and its territory of control makes her an important voice in Portland's art scene (which seems to reward more mainline Hilary Clinton supporter art that doesnt rattle all cages and just loves babies). Thing is Portland is a radical hotbed and Kayla Wiley is the kind of artist that finds those thin red lines that we see in many Portland art institutions and proceeds to traverse them in a bulldozer... laying a path for new roads. She's still developing but Portland's often mild institutions should take note or simply get out of her way. Though the show closed a few weeks ago everyone should have Wiley on their radar.

Photo Courtesy Ryan Patrick Krueger © 2019

Five of Portland’s Best Visual Arts Shows to See This Spring

Posted by Willamette Week
Published February 26, 2019
by WW Staff

Last year, Killjoy Collective quietly ceased operations after two years of bold, intriguing programming. Thankfully, two of the collective's founders, EM Fuller and BriAnna Rosen, are already back with a new gallery. So far, Fuller Rosen Gallery's programming has comprised solo exhibits from up-and-coming artists challenging the status quo of contemporary art. The gallery's next show will be a solo exhibit by East Coast artist Diana Palermo, whose kaleidoscopic photo collages are drenched in warm orange and red.

RU Residency 2019 NYC Artist

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Published April 05, 2019
by Residency Unlimited

Angélica Maria Millán Lozano (@antagoniista) is an artist from Bogotá, Colombia currently based in Brooklyn, New York and will be a RU resident for the next 3 months. Millán is a fibers and performance artist whose multifaceted projects explore her Colombian and American identities. She creates abstract and figurative compositions on distressed fabrics that question the social injustices that affect Latinas in the home. Her projects are united by their reverence of the women in her family, and an interest in making public the hidden stories of their lives. “This is about generational trauma, and what it means to carry stories of your ancestors and see yourself in them, and to claim space for myself in a place where I have to choose between cultures.” Millán is a co-founder at cvllejerx, a people of color focused fashion, poetry, and performance collective.

Angélica Maria Millán Lozano's residency is made possible with funding from The Cultural Development Fund from NYC Department of Cultural Affairs and National Endowment for the Arts/Artworks Grant.

Photo Courtesy Angélica Maria Millán Lozano © 2018

Unraveling family history

Posted by Oregon ArtsWatch
Published November 29, 2018
by Lusi Lukova

Treguas or “Truces” is an exhibition of firsts. It is Angélica Maria Millán Lozano’s first solo show and the the first show presented at the new Fuller Rosen Gallery located in the Ford Building.

The space, Fuller Rosen, is the creative effort of E.M. Fuller and BriAnna Rosen, both formerly of Killjoy PDX. This collaborative project aims to exhibit local and national artists who are addressing urgent, contemporary issues. This new project allows Fuller and Rosen to expand upon the work they started at Killjoy in a more focused and dedicated manner. The curatorial team is two rather than six and the location is more accessible. Fuller and Rosen chose Lozano as their first artist because of their commitment to promoting the voices of up-and-coming creatives.

Photo Courtesy Ryan Patrick Krueger © 2018